Pretty Please? Pink Lady Collar by Melody Ehsani

While browsing Tumblr recently, I came across this cute collar necklace by jeweler designer Melody Ehsani. Though the name may slightly give her away, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the brand reflects my love for East-meets-West fashion. Originally … Continue reading

Currently Craving: Nous Savons Chain Art Necklace


At first glance, this chain contraption appears to be a part of the floral dress. If not, perhaps it could pass as a tattoo….or some kind of necklace awkwardly placed, or even a type of shrug or cape. Well, in a way, its both a necklace and a cape…call it a beaded chain cape perhaps? Accessorize any long-sleeved black or white shirt, or evening strapless dress with this creative necklace for a look that is eye-catching with a definite wow factor. Continue reading