Pretty Please? Pink Lady Collar by Melody Ehsani

While browsing Tumblr recently, I came across this cute collar necklace by jeweler designer Melody Ehsani. Though the name may slightly give her away, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the brand reflects my love for East-meets-West fashion. Originally Persian but born and bred in LA, the designer had a brief stint in Law School before following the field of dreams: design. Her pieces are bold and dramatic, with bright colours and trendy tribal influences.

Featuring a mirrored matte acrylic collar with natural turquoise spear detailing and a matte black chain, the collar necklace is chunky and bold, with the the perfect amount of colour and character.


Available for US$70 on

I also love her “eye see you” necklace pictured below!


View more draw-dropping statement necklaces by Melody Ehsani here.

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