Currently Craving: Nous Savons Chain Art Necklace


At first glance, this chain contraption appears to be a part of the floral dress. If not, perhaps it could pass as a tattoo….or some kind of necklace awkwardly placed, or even a type of shrug or cape. Well, in a way, its both a necklace and a cape…call it a beaded chain cape perhaps? Accessorize any long-sleeved black or white shirt, or evening strapless dress with this creative necklace for a look that is eye-catching with a definite wow factor.

“Simply slip this brass beauty over your head, then arrange its wonderfully webbed wings to drape over your shoulders, creating the stunning statement piece your jewelry box has been pining for,” reads the description on

The piece was handmade by Nous Savons—a jewellery company based in San Fransico, California, and is retailing at US$99.99.


The La Coquette Beaded Cape  pictured above is a  more extravagant take on the necklace chain cape, costing  US$348.

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