DISHONOURED: My cover story & final assignment at Journalism School

From April to November of 2012, my final months of studying journalism at Ryerson University, I was working on this story for the Ryerson Review of Journalism, a magazine circulated across Canada that tackles critical issues in national journalism. Last … Continue reading

Dear Pamela Geller…Muslim Cab Drivers Praying In Public is Not “Out of Line” or “Disruptive” to NYC Neighbourhoods

The headline of Pamela Geller’s latest blog post reads “Takbir! NYC Traffic Snarled By Muslim Cabbies Stopping To Pray.” Geller finds it upsetting that Muslim cab drivers park their yellow taxis on the sides of the roads, and pray on … Continue reading

21st Century Muslim Women are Defined by their Confidence on a Catwalk, According to Newsweek Magazine Article

As a journalism student struggling to find a balance between writing about two completely different  passions (fashion, and the Western perceptions of Islam), I often wondered if an opportunity would ever come to combine  both topics in one news article. … Continue reading