For Velvet Magazine: Culture Clash–Modest Muslimahs In The Blogosphere

Recently, I noticed the growing trend of Muslim fashion bloggers on the web, and found it to be a “clash of cultures.” Fashion bloggers, who generally flaunt their daily outfits and thrive on support and publicity would seem to stand miles apart from Muslim women who wear hijab. However, I found a couple of blogs where the two “cultures” meet, run by young women who are both conservative and stylish, and share their lives and fashion musings with readers around the world, which led me to write a 2-page spread featuring them in Velvet Magazine!

Modest Bloggers 1Modest Bloggers 2

Check out and follow these blogs at the links below:





Read the full feature in this month’s issue of Velvet Magazine, available across the GCC.


Ami: “Interviewed & featured in VELVET MAGAZINE March 2012 edition. Velvet is a UAE-based international monthly magazine that looks West but thinks East; it incorporates global style and trends but holds true to its Islamic roots, appealing to discerning readers from the Gulf to Morocco, from Beirut to Berlin. My first time being featured in an international media print! Check them out on facebook. Thank you so much Hafsa Lodi for the interview!”

Asma: “SO excited to be featured in Velvet Magazine’s March Issue! Hafsa Lodhi did an amazing job with the article…she makes me sound way cooler than I am.”

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