Dear Pamela Geller…Muslim Cab Drivers Praying In Public is Not “Out of Line” or “Disruptive” to NYC Neighbourhoods

The headline of Pamela Geller’s latest blog post reads “Takbir! NYC Traffic Snarled By Muslim Cabbies Stopping To Pray.”


Geller finds it upsetting that Muslim cab drivers park their yellow taxis on the sides of the roads, and pray on the sidewalks of New York City. In addition, she believes it could lead to entire sections of the city being shut down, calling it “supremacist harassment.” Harassment? Yes, harassment. Somehow, she believes that city dwellers find it “harassing” when cab drivers silently pray on the sidewalks.

“How disruptive to this quiet residential area of Manhattan,” she writes. Disruptive? There are things far more disruptive that occur in New York’s neighbourhoods than men silently bowing in prayer on sidewalks.

Geller believes the solution is to “fine each one a $1000 parking ticket and pull their licenses.” Because that won’t make those commuters who are already irritated by having to wait 5 or ten minutes for a cab, any more sour.

Geller and her supporters should think about why immigrants come to America. They’re attracted to the “welcoming,” “opening,” and “accepting” selling points of the U.S…Well at least, that’s what it’s hyped up to be, and if this were really to become a big issue, it would speak volumes about the country’s “accommodating” nature.

Muslims pray five times a day. Each prayer takes only about ten minutes. Parts of New York will not be shut down due to a handful of Muslims taking a quick prayer break. Calm down.

5 thoughts on “Dear Pamela Geller…Muslim Cab Drivers Praying In Public is Not “Out of Line” or “Disruptive” to NYC Neighbourhoods

  1. Wow, she’s horrible. Of course, this hate is coming from the Upper East Side of Manhattan. And calling it supremacist harassment? That’s really upsetting. What is so radical about Muslims devoting a few minutes to prayer on public grounds? Maybe if Manhattan had more mosques or prayer rooms. Calling it disruptive? Looks to me like Geller is giving her neighbourhood and its residents superiority to even tolerate this kind of “behaviour” on their pretty street. But, she is the author of “Stop Islamization of America”, so I guess it’s okay. I don’t understand how they let privileged white conservatives critique or even comment on any minority group. Ignorant at its finest. Thanks for the post, Hafsa 🙂

  2. You don’t see anything wrong with this?
    It’s the muslims’ “in your face” attitude that disturbs the rest of us Americans. In Paris, Muslims took over and closed whole neighborhoods…. its not going to happen here. I guarantee you that!

    • Why does it disturb you so much? I doubt these cab drivers are trying to be “in your face,” they’re praying on the sidewalk because it’s convenient, not to make a public statement.

    • Of course its not going to happen there. That`s why you as well as the ignorant Geller are making a big deal out of nothing. In France there are neighborhoods which only speak Arabic, there are road signs in Arabic. If and when this happens in the US then you have some grounds upon which you can maybe begin to address this ‘In your face’ statement.. For now I say embrace the diversity, open your mind to culture which may even benefit your society at times as such.
      Great article

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