Jumpsuit of the Day: Jessie J Finally Wears a Jumpsuit That Isn’t Clinging to her Skin

Her skin-tight catsuits and bodysuits usually put Jessie J on the “worst dressed” lists, but at the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards on Monday night in London, she dropped her usual form-fitting ensemble for a slinkier, but much … Continue reading

Currently Craving… Collar Tips

Collar tips are the perfect accessories for plain or printed button-down shirts. Not only are they creative and unique, they also offer subtle and sophisticated style solutions for otherwise un-embellished outfits. Collar tips are available for purchase on Asos.com, in … Continue reading

Hottest, Modest & Stylish…Resort with ASOS

The items featured in this week’s resort-inspired post will help inspire you to create a conservative  look, while staying stylish and fashion-forward. A full-sleeved, flared jumpsuit in a dark colour like navy blue, will give some sophistication to your appearance, … Continue reading