Currently Craving: Bing Bang Evil Eye Fob Necklace

I’ve always had somewhat of an obsession for “evil eye”- embellished accessories. In the East especially, the blue “evil eye” charm has become a popular image icon, and is often found on delicate bracelets, necklaces and rings. Never before had I seen a chunky necklace decorated with an “evil eye,” until browsing Asos yesterday, and spotting this statement necklace by Bing Bang—a  brand that combines antique and vintage styles with a punk rock twist.


The necklace combines oversized black chain links with a small evil eye charm, as well as silver and gold fasteners. It’s difficult to mix gold and silver together, let alone combine fine metal with big chain links,but designer Anna Sheffield manages to do it in a boldly stylish way, without being gaudy or over-the-top.The necklace is currently available on for US$ 262.03.

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