Accessory Spotlight: Montaigne Runway Gloves

Nasrine Dechache, the designer behind Montaigne, showed her collection at the I ♥ Fashion I ♥ My Community event that took place in Dubai last week. Models dressed in her funky leggings and embellished tees appeared as if they had dipped their hands into wax or paint, before strutting down the runway.


Nasrine completed her creative, edgy looks with coloured gloves, which covered the models’ fingers, nearly reaching to their wrists.


Some were neon-coloured, while others could have passed for altered rubber dish-washing gloves- in a hip, grunge-utilitarian manner of speaking, of course!


Nasrine may have drawn inspiration from prominent fashion houses like Louis Vuitton and Chanel. In Louis Vuitton’s newest ad camp, a 16-year-old model from Zimbabwe is shown wearing gloves in a similar dark red colour:


And these black gloves could pass as tribute to Karl Lagerfeld’s signature black gloves, minus the fingerless design feature:


Nasrine picked the perfect runway accessory to accompany her street-style-influenced outfits. I’d love to get my hands on (and in!) a pair of these black and white snake-skin/lace-like gloves!


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