Jumpsuit of the Day: Vintage Jumpsuit at Toronto’s Kensington Market

Courage My Love is Toronto’s oldest vintage store. Their second-hand clothing is all hand-picked, and much of the jewellery and decor that they sell is selected by founder Stewart Scriver on treasure hunting trips in Mexico and East Asia. Though Kensington Ave. is cluttered with various vintage stores, Courage My Love doesn’t hack up the prices of their thrifted pieces like some of its neighbours. A woven basket in the store contains silk scarves selling for $2 each, and an assortment of vintage handbags sit on different steps of a ladder towards the back of the store, costing $8 each. A fur coat can cost $30, and a silk maxi dress for $14. “Our prices are really good compared to other vintage stores in the area,” says Calvin Brown, 28, Courage My Love employee of eight years.

Inside the store, there is a wall titled “New Arrivals” near the front door. Among the overalls, gowns, tutus and cashmere cardigans that hang on hooks, there are a handful of vintage jumpsuits. The sky blue piece pictured below (selling for $25) is made from crepe-silk, and has a funky polka-dot pattern. Though the garment is more than 5o years old, its wrap neck and gathered pants are very much trendy today– many of the jumpsuits from the runways at the F/W 2011 RTW fashion weeks have very similar styles to this!

Vintage jumpsuit at Courage My Love

Courage My Love is located at 14 Kensington Avenue in downtown Toronto.