Lindsay Lohan’s “courtroom catwalk” overshadows PR tactics used by Kamofie & Co.

Over the past two months, Lindsay Lohan has been the subject of an ongoing court case, and the media has given an overwhelming amount of focus to Lohan’s clothing choices for her court appearances. The New York Times for instance, published an article titled “Turning the Perp Walk Into a Runway Strut,” while others have started using the catch phrase “felony fashion” for Lohan’s courtroom attire. Lohan however, is an entertainer in the constant media spotlight; it is a given that she will wear designer dresses. Pictured below, the outfits are really not all that bad, and definitely don’t deserve the amount of negative publicity being given.

While journalists and photographers have been exhausting all of their focus onto researching the designers behind Lohan’s garments, the public has not received a clear picture of the PR tactics used Kamofie & Company– the store accusing Lohan of necklace theft. Continue reading