Indian Head Jewellery (also inspired by Chanel) now at ASOS!

A little more than a year ago, I wrote an article for Velvet Magazine about Karl Lagerfeld’s pre-fall 2012 Chanel runway show. More specifically, I reported about the Indian-inspired head jewellery that was worn by his models, and hypothesized that though avant-garde and not very easy to wear with Western  ensembles, the statement pieces would soon become the next big headwear trend.

Today, while browsing the high-street shopping site ASOS, guess what I came across?

image1xxlimage1xxl (2)image1xxl (3)image1xxl (1)

Sure, some of them (like the panther headpiece below) come across as heavily commercial, and lose the cultural inspiration. But some  are delightfully delicate, and others incorporate a touch of goth glamour. Shop the pieces, priced between $15-$30, at


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