Phashionable Philanthropy: Project Sina

With rampant honour killings and acid burnings of women in Pakistan, it’s no secret that the nation needs some shaping up—and what better way to start than empowering the women?

L.A.-based initiative Project Sina aims to create economic opportunities for the class of underprivileged women in Pakistan. By producing t-shirts decorated with their own hand embroidery, they are able to use their existing skills  through a positive and productive creative outlet. Single, widowed and abused women will be be given the safe haven of a women’s centre in Karachi, where they will attend literary development programs and work on embroidery for Project Sina T-shirts, in exchange for a salary.

There are 5 DAYS LEFT to fundraise for Project Sina. Donate here to support this important cause! Depending on the amount of your donation, you could have the opportunity to receive free t-shirts, or to even design a t-shirt for the Fall/Winter collection.

Become a fan of Project Sina on Facebook to stay up to date with the campaign. For more information visit their website, or e-mail the founders at

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