Every Hour, 750 Newborns and 60 Mothers Die During Childbirth in Pakistan…

Help reduce these numbers by voting for Mishal Khan, who has applied for a grant from Grand Challenges Canada – Rising Stars in Global Health, to develop a low-cost device that can save lives of mothers and babies when complications occur during childbirth.


Mishal aims to overcome maternal and newborn health-risks caused by prolonged labor by training midwives on using a low-cost vacuum assisted delivery device called the Koohi Goth Vacuum Delivery System (KGVDS). The device is cheap ($2 CAD), does not require electricity and is simple enough to be used by midwives in the community.


To help this cause, register here, watch Mishal’s short video and click “Like.” It will only take 2 minutes of your time, but could possibly save thousands of lives.

Photo Source: Wendy Marijnissen

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