Currently Craving… FYUNKA: The Banana Taepei of Arabia


Months ago, the “Banane” Birkin-printed canvas shopping bags created by Taiwanese brand Banana Taepei were a hit amongst brand-savvy enthusiasts, who finally found a way to show off their love for Hermes without emptying their wallets. I even spotted one at a party in Dubai. But Banana Taepei, move aside and take us off of your 6-month waiting lists- There’s a new player in town and her diverse designs are much more suited to fulfil our lust for bold and creative brand statements!

Founded by Jeddah-based graphic designer Alaa Balkhy, Fyunka caters to the stylish and fun-loving, combining iconic fashion images with pop culture quotes and slogans—translated to Arabic! One of her most popular designs shows neon-coloured Birkins, with the Arabic text translated to “Dad, I want a Birkin”


…and this design was inspired by the popular neon Cambridge Satchels:


In addition to bags, Fyunka has also started producing stationary, shirts and framed art! Alaa has an  eye for what’s in and what’s hot on the market, and she sure knows how to give it a fresh and fashionably fun spin.  Out of all of her designs, this is one of my favourite: (Not because I can’t understand all of the Arabic on the other deigns but yes, because I’m cheesy and my name also starts with an “H”)


But I also love this,




and this!


Browse through Alaa’s blog to check out some more of her ingenious designs, follow her on Twitter and become a Fyunka fan on Facebook to order products and find out where they’re sold in the Middle East!

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