DIY Necklaces Inspired by Tom Binns’ Neon Jewellery

I recently came across a number of DIY tutorials for Tom Binns-inspired neon jewellery. I love statement necklaces, but have grown a bit bored with some of the colourless white crystal designs on the market, so I  decided to try out the project myself. I followed the tutorial posted on Transient Expression, a blog by an American girl named Rachel:

image image photo

As  I already have quite a bit of neon-coloured accessories, I decided to paint my necklace with pastel colours. Here’s how it turned out:



I had so much fun that I painted a second necklace too:


It’s a bit addictive. You can be sure this won’t be my last nail-polish-painted necklace. And hey, if you ever get sick of the colours, I’m guessing you can just use nail polish remover to wipe the jewels clean and start again with a new palette!

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