Currently Craving… “Designed By Sara” T-Shirt

Fashion graphic tees seem to be the “in” thing to be making in the Middle East. Back in June, I wrote a post about the Qatari fashion brand √FML², whose designs are sold in Dubai’s S*uce Boutique, along with Fyunka tote bags, created by Jeddah-based  graphic illustrator Alaa Balkhy. Cute, bold and practical, the bags feature drawings like Cambridge Satchels, classic Chanel bags, and Hermes Birkins, alongside witty sayings and popular quotes from designers in Arabic. Though quite a number of Middle Eastern artists (designers?) have jumped on the graphic design bandwagon, emerging designers like the √FML² duo and Alaa Balkhy have successfully gained status as go-to fashion brands in the region, for both self-splurges and personal gifts—which brings me to another upcoming brand specializing in fashion graphic tees- Designed by Sara.

Also based in Qatar, Designed by Sara shirts feature graphics representing brands like Chanel, Celine, Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent, and they seem to sell out quite quickly! Take a look at my favourite design below:


For more information, visit the Designed by Sara Tumblr page and follow her on Twitter.

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