Middle East-Inspired Avant-Garde Appears on the Runway At New York Fashion Week

I try to avoid regurgitating runway reviews on my blog during fashion weeks, but as an aspiring journalist who divides her year between the Eastern and Western hemispheres, I had to write a post about a collection that really caught my attention. In what may have been a tribute to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, NYC fashion label Threeasfour combined icons, emblems, embellishments and fabrics found in the Middle East, with modern and more Western silhouettes and styles, in their Spring/Summer 2012 runway presentation earlier today.

The label’s designers, Gabi Asfour, Angela Donhauser, and Adi Gil, have been in the fashion scene for more than a decade, and many of their experimental pieces have been exhibited in international museums, including New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Take a look at some of their designs: you’ll notice  their utilization of  the traditional Kufiya scarf print, in black and white, red and white, enlarged, stretched and shrunk , printed on uniquely draped fabrics. The Star of David is also used, along with the “Hamsa” hand symbol, and blue Turkish evil-eye icon.







My favourite piece:


To view more images from the runway show, click here. Photos courtesy of Style.com.


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