Dear Mr. Nigel Barker…

You probably don’t remember me. 11 months ago, I met you in Toronto, at your  book signing event for Beauty Equation.After a short wait in line, I approached you with my Cannon EOS 1000D, and presented you with a silver Sharpie. Though you found the request a bit odd, and struggled with the camera for a few seconds, you finally settled on signing the top of the pop-up flash. For almost a year, I’ve held this camera close and dear, and even purchased an expensive camera bag to protect it.


This past summer, I used my SLR to its full potential, constantly photographing as I enjoyed my vacation in Europe and Dubai.  I had thought that my camera would always be unique, that your name scrawled in silver would give it a touch of character. But  Mother Nature had different ideas in store, and her harsh sun rays decided to come in the way. As you can see, your signature is now significantly faded.


I’d like to request that upon your next visit to Toronto, you go over the signature once (or twice) more with the silver Sharpie, so that I can once again experience that happiness about having a one-of-a-kind camera. Thank you!



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