Currently Craving: Dior 001 Beauty Gun

Part of a series titled “7 Necessities for a Woman to Feel Like a Woman Through the Eyes of a Man,” jewelry designer Ted Noten of Atelier Ted Noten has designed the Dior 001- the ultimate spy-inspired product for modern women. The design is based off of the vintage spy concept, where weapons were hidden in cosmetic bags. In this iconic twist however, the makeup (and other fierce feminine necessities) are hidden in the weapon!

The classy white pistol contains a place to keep your Dior lipgloss…

a container for your pills and vitamins…

an antique hairpin…

a hidden USB for the tech-savy…

and, a bar of sterling silver?

Perhaps if the silver bar were made of chocolate, the Dior 001 Gun would be more of use to me. Nevertheless, it would make the ultimate high-fashion gag gift!

The Chanel 001 Gun is also part of Ted Noten’s collection:

The exclusive pieces were exhibited at the Ornamentum Gallery, part of last week’s Design Miami/Basel.

Photos courtesy of Ted Noten; Source: Frame Magazine

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