Currently Craving: Chic Cases by Diane Von Furstenberg at Boutique 1

Schools and universities may just be coming to an end now, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start back-to-school shopping for some trendy and chic accessories for your electronics and school supplies. Graduated and working? Not a problem! These accessories will add some character to your everyday office materials.


Carry your laptop in style! This laptop case will protect your computer, and is so much more preferable than the laptop cases in store, that are either too drab and boring, or too neon and tacky.  The golden tassel adds a stylish accent. It’s on sale now for AED 687 AED 481!


This matching phone case will hold an iPhone or a Blackberry. A perfect case for those who don’t like to dress their phones in rubber skins, or plastic or metal covers. It’s on sale now for AED 295 AED 207!


Lastly, this pencil case can hold anything from pens and markers, to makeup and cosmetics. The zip closure is decorated with a golden tassel, matching with the one on the laptop case pictured above! It’s on sale now for AED 230 AED 161!

Visit to view more Diane Von Furstenberg items available for purchase.

Photos courtesy of Boutique 1

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