Currently Craving: T-Shirt by √FML²

I’ve had my eye on Qatar-based T-Shirt brand √FML² for a while now, but it seems that every time I fall in love with one of their designs, they sell out! The funky and innovative brand produces casual T-shirts displaying  graphics of fashion icons such as Karl Lagerfeld, as well as staple high fashion pieces such as the classic Chanel bag and red-soled Christian Louboutins. Here’s one my favourite designs:



Founded by two students attending the Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar, the brand has been taking orders online via But the good news is, the T-shirts will now be available to shoppers living in Dubai! This morning, s*uce boutique confirmed that the shipment has arrived, and is set to be selling in stores by this weekend!

Photos courtesy of √FML²

2 thoughts on “Currently Craving: T-Shirt by √FML²

  1. OMG !! it ‘s true :S
    I did google some of the t-shirts and they will show up in google !! NOT CREATIVE AT ALL
    I just wrote Aundery Hephurn skull t-shirt, Video games ruined my life t-shirt, and karl lagerfeld skull t-shirt and it showed up :S all before fml-2 started their business !!


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