Bras for a Cause Design Competition Launches in the Middle East

A preview of this new design competition was posted a few days ago, and after days of planning, the Bras for a Cause team has finally launched the website, providing details for the eager designers wishing to take part (that includes me)! Artists, students, graphic designers, illustrators, bloggers, breast cancer survivors and influential Middle Eastern figures are invited to participate in this campaign to support breast cancer survivors and organizations in the region.


This competition, pioneered by One Wig Stand and, aims to fill the region’s existing fashion hole, as many women in the Middle East who have been affected by breast cancer are unable to find comfortable, affordable and fashionable bras to wear that will accommodate prostheses.

Full details about the competition can be found on the website, but here’s a summary:

First, designers will need to pick one of the following five categories based on their skills and experience, in which to enter their design:






HOW TO ENTERParticipants designing bras must submit an A4 sized sketch of the front and back views of the bra, and T-shirt designers need to submit only one sketch, using the template that can  be downloaded from the website.

Each design sketch must be accompanied by a title, description about the design, mood board or description of what inspired the design, detailed list of fabrics, colours and other design requirements, and a designated target audience.

Designs may be submitted here after May 26th. All entries must be submitted by June 26th, and they will be posted in the voting gallery by June 29th.  Winners will be announced on July 14th.

Click here to learn about the members of the jury team, who will be evaluating the submitted designs.

You can also follow Bras for a Cause on Twitter, and like the official Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the competition.

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