Jumpsuit of the Day: Heidi Klum in Michael Kors

April must be unofficial jumpsuit month for celebrities in Los Angeles. In the past two weeks, Gwen Stefani, along with Kardashian sisters Kim, Khloe and Kourtney were spotted around town in jumpsuit get-ups.


Supermodel, mother and Project Runway host Heidi Klum attended the 16th Annual L.A. Antiques Show on Wednesday in Santa Monica wearing a jumpsuit and belt from the Michael Kors Fall 2011 collection.

The dull colour may have added some age to the supermodel’s overall appearance, given her pale skin, pulled-back pony hairstyle and minimal makeup. Nonetheless, she carried it off with grace and sophistication.  The lack of a back on the garment, along with its open-cut front however, give Heidi a youthfully sultry look, giving some attitude to a look that may have otherwise been dull and drab.

Here’s how the outfit looked on the runway…


…can’t help but notice that the coffee-shade jumpsuit complements the model’s olive-coloured skin beautifully, and falls with body and movement, giving her a look that Heidi was unfortunately unable to achieve…

Photos courtesy of Getty Images and Style.com

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