Students in Ryerson University’s fashion program show designs at Wanderlust fashion show

Proceeding Mass Exodus 2011: Zenith+Nadir, where graduating students in Ryerson’s fashion design program showcased their collections, the fashion school held another fashion show this Wednesday. Second and third-year students in the fashion design program unveiled some of their dresses at a runway show that took place at the Arcadian Court in downtown Toronto.

During the eveningwear show, it became clear that students learn a lot in two to three years of studying fashion design at Ryerson University. Designs were largely experimental; many students incorporated lace, trails, tiers, drapes and cut-outs in their dresses. Some were hits and some were misses, but overall the event showed a range of young fashion talents.  Here are some of the student designs that made their way down the catwalk:

While some dresses looked like they would be fit for the prom, others could be imagined on  the likes of Lady Gaga or Taylor Momsen. Like  Mass Exodus 2011: Zenith+Nadir, the show’s execution was impressive and professional. Audience members were ushered into a lounge before and after the show, where they enjoyed exotic appetizers while mingling with other guests.


Standing beside the dress used in the Wanderlust promotion images

With Ryerson students Shazah and Reid

 Visit the Wanderlust website for more information about the show.

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