Cosmopolitan Middle East launches with Khloe Kardashian as Cover Girl

Set to release in stores this Friday, the first issue of Cosmopolitan Middle East features Khloe Kardashian on its pink and gold glossy cover:

Cosmopolitan is the highest-selling women’s magazine in the world, and its readership is only growing, not to mention diversifying, with the launch of a Middle East edition. When ITP Publishing Group announced last year that it would take on Cosmo as the newest addition to their consumer magazine collection, doubts and speculation were high. After all, the magazine is known to contain a significant amount of sex-related content– a taboo topic within the conservative boundaries of media in the Middle East.

ITP announced that “Cosmo Middle East will respect the cultural sensitivities of this market, yet be able to highlight the many aspects of male/female relationships like no other magazine in the region.”

Given its reputation and vast readership, the magazine can  be expected to deliver colourful and cutting edge stories about beauty and grooming, relationships, fashion, health and fitness, entertainment and self-improvement.  Produced in Dubai’s Media City, the magazine will circulate across the GCC and Lebanon.

ITP currently houses Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and Shape Magazine, but with the launch of Cosmopolitan Middle East, women in the region will now have access to a universal magazine that combines fashion with health and lifestyle.

The cover of the first issue hit all the right targets with its bold, vibrant and overall attractive appearance– Curious and excited to read the stories that  lie behind it!

Read about Khloe Kardashian’s reaction to being the magazine’s cover girl.

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