Jumpsuit of the Day: Akris at Paris Fashion Week

Akris jumpsuits at Paris Fashion Week

Designer Albert Kriemler showcased the brand’s Fall/Winter 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection on March 6th at Paris Fashion Week. The Akris clothing company was founded in 1922, and started out making only simple kitchen aprons. It is now the largest Swiss clothing producer in the world. Kriemler used a variety of both rich and subdued shades in his fall colour palette. Golds, browns, blacks and maroons were used in conjunction with soft greys and creams.

These two jumpsuits are very similar, and were part of the PFW collection. Both have halter necks, however one is a turtleneck halter and is a cream colour, while the other is more grey. Though this is a Fall/Winter collection, these jumpsuits are perfect garments for one’s spring/summer wardrobe. The loose-fitting material falls beautifully, creating an effortlessly elegant overall look. The belts give shape to the garments, hinting at the feminine figure, and can be worn at the hips, or at the waist.

Click here to view more pieces from the Akris F/W 2011 RTW runway show.

*Photo Credit: Style.com

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