Jumpsuit of the Day: Topshop Unique at London Fashion Week

Topshop Unique at London Fashion Week

The Topshop Unique Fall/Winter 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection was shown on February 20th at London Fashion Week. Though lots of models throughout fashion weeks in New York and Europe walked the runway robed in animal prints, Topshop designers took a unique spin to the trend and splattered dalmatian spots all over some of their garments. Models were even styled to look like cute, yet chic, pouting puppies!


This jumpsuit was featured in the collection, and could almost pass as a cheetah-printed piece. The steel-grey colour gives it edge, the baggy pants – high waist combo gives it an air of punk glamour, and the monochrome collar adds a school-girl touch. Black boots, gloves and a jacket complement the outfit perfectly.

To view more of the Topshop Unique F/W 2011 RTW collection, click here.

*Photo Credit: Style.com

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