Video shows shocking anti-Islamic protest in California

 “One nation under God, not Allah,” yells a girl who looks like she’s no more than 15 years old, to a Muslim couple and their young son as they enter a fundraising event. She then poses with another protester as a news camera films them, and shouts, “Get out of here! Never forget 9/11!”

In a shocking portrayal of hate and Islamophobia, protestors gathered outside the Yorba Linda Community Centre and slandered Muslim families who were attending a charity event hosted by ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America), to raise money for women’s shelters and other social programs aiming to fight poverty in the United States.

This event took place on Sunday, February 13th of this year– less than a month ago, and since then, this video has gone viral. It’s extremely upsetting to see events like this unfold in a pluralistic and democratic society, especially one that prides itself on being open and accepting to all races and religions. “Take your Sharia law and go home,” yells one protester. The charity event was not to promote sharia law in the United States, it was to raise money for the helpless and impoverished. The behaviour of some of the protestors was downright disrespectful and shameful, and the fact that the protest was supported by local politicians further shows the spite and ignorance that remains in some Americans today, a decade after the 9/11 terrorism attacks.

Though it’s been said by countless Muslim American speakers over the past ten years, the words are fitting to this event. Islam is a religion of peace, and you cannot judge an entire religion on the actions of a few extremists. Using an extremist stereotype as an umbrella for all Muslims living in America will only pull societies further apart, rather than helping them to grow and develop as united communities.

Readers who are shocked and upset by this video: take action and participate in a campaign to expose the politicians who showed public support in the protests, and “to question their participation in this hate-fest.”

*Sources: Youtube, Esquire: The Politics Blog, The Orange County Register

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