Virginity: a new trend?

More youth in the US are opting to stay virgins

The vintage clothing trend has been dominating the global fashion scene for a while now…but it looks like vintage is influencing more than just fashion. Data released Thursday, revealed that for the first time there is an increase in the number of teenagers and young adults deciding to wait longer to have sex.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Center for Health Statistics study revealed that from 2006-2008, 29 per cent of females and 27 per cent of males between the ages of 15 and 24 reported that they were still virgins. In 2002, only 22 per cent of males and females could say the same. According to the study, these numbers account for all means of sexual activity, not just intercourse. Though the results reflect responses from Americans, newspapers in Canada like The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Sun reported the story shortly after the results were publicized. 

These results may be the outcome of the  amped up its sex education programs in schools in the US. Or, pro-abstinence groups are now reaching a wider audience with their message. It could even mean that the youth of today are striving to follow the ideals of a more traditional era. Though this may be a significant step in the society of American youth, we have yet to see if the courtship dating system or petticoats paired with corsets will make a comeback too.

*Photo Credit: TheologicalClowning (Daniel Good)

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