Lady Gaga gives birth to the next Justin Bieber

Lady Gaga performed last night at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, one of the many stops of her Monster Ball Tour.  Though she was an hour and a half late, it goes without saying that her concert entertained and enthralled audience members. But for once, it wasn’t her latex clothing, lewd dance moves, or lack of pants that stole the show. Instead, it was a 10-year-old Filipina-Canadian girl from Winnipeg, Man.

Just a month ago, Maria Aragorn was like any other Canadian pre-teen who adored Lady Gaga and had a passion for singing. She performed a cover of Gaga’s “Born This Way,” and on February 16th,  her sister posted it on Youtube. (see below) The video caught Gaga’s attention (sound familiar?), and she retweeted the video link to her Twitter followers.  Over the next week, Aragorn became a Youtube sensation, with more than 17 million views of her video. She was even invited on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and Good Morning America.

Last night,  Aragorn joined Lady Gaga on stage for a piano duet of “Born this Way.” (see below) Dressed in black pants, a pink hoodie and a white hat, Aragorn sat in the lap of Gaga, who by contrast was clad in what appeared to be a sequined bra and panties. Gaga had tears in her eyes when Aragorn thanked the audience, and referred to her young prodige as “Lady Maria.”

Gaga might have been genuinely touched by Aragorn’s performance. She also might have just seen Never Say Never, and decided to take a page out of Usher’s book. Perhaps this time next year Lady Maria will be known as “The Filipina Fame Monster,” and will have hit singles, a world tour and a 3D movie under her belt too.

*Sources: National Post, Entertainment Weekly, Youtube

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