Jumpsuit of the Day: Charles Anastase at London Fashion Week

Charles Anastase's Fall/Winter 2011 collection at LFW

Charles Anastase showed the world his Fall/Winter 2011 Ready-to-Wear collection at London Fashion Week on Saturday. A variety of colours and textures were sent down the runway, so diverse that it was hard to pinpoint a single look or theme; but at best, it could be described as schoolgirl meets Lolita meets country-girl couture.

These two jumpsuits from his runway show share the same cut:  flared bell-bottom pants, long, fitted sleeves and peter pan collars. The first gives off a futuristic vibe. It appears to be made from crepe or silk, and the dull but shiny blue colour allows one to classify it as evening-wear. The burnt red corduroy piece has more of a country (maybe just because the colour is reminiscent of a typical barn!) look,  however seems more wearable as day-wear… but with the right accessories it too can be worn at night.

Click here to see the rest of Charles Anastase’s Fall/Winter 2011 RTW Collection.

*Photo Credit: Style.com

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