Rihanna launches perfume: Reb’l Fleur

Rihanna poses at the launch of her Reb'l Fleur fragrance release at Macy’s on February 18th at Lakewood Mall in California

It has become quite clear that singers  never stick to singing once they reach superstardom. They feel the need to capitalize on their success and popularity, by branching out into the fashion and beauty industries; be it starting their own clothing line or launching a perfume. Rihanna’s starting off with the latter.

The fragrance is named after the tattoo on Rihanna’s neck that reads “Rebelle Fleur,” which is French for  “rebel flower,” the nickname given to her by her grandmother in Barbados.

Rihanna got her "Rebelle Fleur" tattoo in August 2010

“Over the years, I layered many different scents to get something that was truly my own. But I wanted something that said ‘Rihanna was here.’ Something delicious and special, a fragrance with subtle hints that linger and leave a sexy memory,” said Rihanna 

The fragrance has a rich smell of tuberose, violet, hibiscus and coconut, and the bottle is shaped to look like the high heel of a shoe.

 Take a look at the promotional video:

Reb’l Fleur can be purchased at Macy’s stores for $49-$59.

Photo Credit: www.fashionfame.com

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