Jumpsuit of the Day: Your Worst Crotchmare…

Gabrielle Union at NYFW

For celebs like Gabrielle, New York Fashion week is all about showcasing statement-making outfits and flaunting them to paparazzi. But unless her statement was “Check out the wired leotard I’m wearing and how the fabric of my jumpsuit makes vein-like creases across my thighs ,” the outfit was definitely a miss. Plus, the Gaga-esque shoulder looks more like a deflated balloon.

But Gabrielle hit one trend spot-on. NYFW so far has shown that Fall 2011 will be all about the wide-legged trousers…

P.S.– Loving Heather’s critique of the outfit at gofugyourself.com!

Photo Credit: http://gofugyourself.com/new-york-fashion-week-days-2-and-3-02-2011

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