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The National – Evo gel nails 

The National – In the thick of it: eyebrow microblading 

The National – Marc Jacobs Beauty masterclass

The National – Jose Eber La Loge salon

The National – Designer 24 dress rental 

The National – Winter beauty products

The National – Cook-a-box

The National – Zareena runway show at FFWD Season 5

The National – House of Nomad runway show at FFWD Season 5

Velvet Magazine – “Ready…Set…Minx!”



Ahlan Masala! Magazine- Fashion Police page

Ahlan Masala! Magazine- Trend of the Week page

Ahlan Masala! Magazine- Staying In page

Ahlan Masala! Magazine- Staying In TV page

Boutique 1 Newsletter – White is the new black

Boutique 1 Newsletter – New In: Alessandra Rich, Shourouk, DVF and more at Boutique1.com

Boutique 1 Newsletter – New In: Faith Connexion, 2nd Day, The Row and more at Boutique1.com

Boutique 1 Newsletter – New In: Mary Katrantzou, Missoni, Wildfox and more at Boutique1.com

Savoir Flair- Style Watch

Savoir Flair- Introducing Darmaki

Savoir Flair- Jewelry Files

Savoir Flair- Rami Al Ali FW11 Collection

Savoir Flair- Most Wanted: Seven Minutes Trigger Collection

Savoir Flair- Net-a-Porter Shoes

Savoir Flair- The Blogger Edit

Savoir Flair- Accessories Editor’s Scrapbook: Chain Reaction

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